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CGI Ride-Through of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom Park (x)

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Blame the writers NOT the viewers if/when Twisted gets cancelled

- started under false pretenses (advertising 3 main leads, when in fact it was only 1)

- unbelievable character development

- inconsistency in the storyline

- unoriginal use of cliche (bad boy falls for popular girl, then realizes that he has always been in love with the nerd/social outcast)


AND NO, THERE’S NO REASON PEOPLE SHOULD FEEL ANY OBLIGATION TO WATCH A SHOW THEY DON’T LIKE ANYMORE… watching TV should be for fun NOT because you need to watch to keep someone employed

Charlie: I fell in love with you, Jo

Danny: It’s always been you, Jo

Lacey: I’m worried about Jo

Danny’s “its always been you, Jo” speech…